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Generate Your Own Renewable Energy

Let’s work together.

We have a long legacy of generating renewable energy. Want to join us?

Through Avista’s renewable generation incentive (RGI), we offer financial help for customers in Washington who install renewable energy systems of their own. While such a project can be quite an undertaking, you’ll receive an annual credit on your utility bill to help offset and recover your costs for solar panels, wind turbines or anaerobic digesters. Payments are calculated per kilowatt-hour, based on the type of generating equipment you use and its manufacturer. Take a look at the Potential Incentive Rates.

Find the right renewable energy system for you.

Here are some helpful websites:

Let's work together.

Ready to take the plunge? Here's a few things you should know:

Steps to take before installing your own renewable energy system:
Tips on installing your renewable energy system:
  • Get an electrical permit from Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.
  • Follow the National Electric Code (NEC) as required.
  • Install a separate meter base to qualify for the RGI. Avista will provide and install a production meter to measure your generation.
  • Pass state electrical inspection.
  • Coordinate with Avista for inspection and submit your Certificate of Completion [PDF].
  • Sign your interconnection agreement. Avista will replace your billing meter if necessary for net-metering purposes.
  • Start generating!
How to receive your renewable generation incentive:
  • Apply to the Washington State Department of Revenue for certification.
    Washington State Certification Form [PDF]
  • Apply to Avista annually for your incentive by August 1 of each year.
    Avista Renewable Generation Incentive Application [PDF]
  • If you previously installed a renewable energy system and you’re already interconnected to Avista’s electrical system, please contact Avista so we can make sure on-going measurement of your generation is in place. You will still need to get your system certified and make an annual application to Avista.

Downloadable PDFs